What's I/O BootCamp all about?

BootCamp focuses on beginner content and provides an overview of the major developer platforms featured at I/O. We'll have lecture sessions, hands-on coding sessions, and office hours to talk one on one with Google engineers. 

It's a great way to get a quick crash course on our products before the main event.

How do I register for I/O BootCamp? 

You register for BootCamp while you're registering for Google I/O. Select "Yes" when you see the question about registering for BootCamp. You will be charged an additional $100 for BootCamp upon checkout. 

Can I come if I haven't registered for Google I/O?

No, sorry! Space is limited for this event, so it is only open to Google I/O attendees. 

How much does it cost?

BootCamp is an additional $100 fee on top of your Google I/O registration cost. 

Why is the capacity for BootCamp more limited than Google I/O?

Because BootCamp has coding lab sessions, we have to restrict the audience size to maintain an effective learning environment. 

I was unable to register for BootCamp during the presale. How do I go back and add BootCamp to my registration later?

  • Access your registration
  • Click "Edit" under the "Personal Information" section
  • Select "Yes" for BootCamp
  • Click "Continue" and you will be sent through the payment process for the additional $100 fee
If the BootCamp field is disabled, and public registration is open, this means that we are at capacity for the event, and have no more room for additional attendees. Please note that space at BootCamp is more limited than I/O in order to offer hands-on lab sessions. 

I can't make it to BootCamp anymore, but am still coming to Google I/O. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, no refunds -- partial or otherwise. 

I can't make it to BootCamp AND Google I/O. Can I get transfer my registration to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your entire registration entry to someone else. Please email googleio2011@google.com with this request. Please include your full name, confirmation number, replacement's name and replacement's email address. Once we receive this information we will send an updated copy of the registration to you and your substitute.

I can't make it to BootCamp anymore, but am still coming to Google I/O. Can I transfer my BootCamp registration to someone else?

Sorry, no. We can only do full registration transfers.

What do I have to bring? 

If you plan on attending a lab session, please bring your own laptop and power supply. 

Are any of the sessions going to be taped?

No, but we have videos with very similar intro content for many of our products. Check out www.youtube.com/GoogleDevelopers. We will be posting slides and lab content on the site afterwards.