App Engine Lab Prerequisites

Google App Engine Workshop (Lab)

Speakers: Wesley Chun, Chris Schalk
This workshop introduces attendees to Google App Engine development by leading them through the core essentials using Java and Python. In addition to helping users complete setting up their environments, this lab will quickly move on to covering practical programming examples. The initial examples will cover the basics found in the existing getting started guides. We will then progress into other features not currently covered in the online tutorials.


Hands-on with the Datastore (Lab)

Speaker: Ikai Lan
This lab session will guide you through building a link sharing site, which will cover some datastore scaling best practices. The lab will begin with a short lecture about how the datastore works follow by a guided, hands-on session building a link sharing sites. Topics that will be touched on include entity groups, sharding/fan-in for scalability, idempotence and eventually consistency.


Handling Large Data: Google's Cloud Developer Services (Lab)

Speaker: Jerjou Cheng
This lab will walk you through a lifecycle of a large dataset - moving it to the cloud, analyzing it, then using the data to power applications. We'll go through how to use Google Storage to upload and manage large data, how to use BigQuery to explore and get an understanding of the data, and how to use the Prediction API to enable dynamic categorization of new input based on historical data.

  • Experience 
    • Familiarity with the command line
    • Basic understanding of SQL
    • Knowledge of Python isn't required, but a basic understanding of HTTP and being comfortable programming in at least one language is recommended.
  • Environment
    • Python interpreter must be installed on your laptop. Macbooks should already have this, but check to be sure.