Developer Tools & APIs Pre-requisites

Getting Started with Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine
You'll learn how to build and deploy a rich Web application using Google Web Toolkit and Google App 
This lab is designed for Java developers who have previously used Eclipse, but have no experience with GWT
or Google App Engine. We'll introduce GWT and GAE and use GWT Designer and Google Plugin for Eclipse
to build a small sample app and deploy it to App Engine.


Get Started with Go

In this lab you will construct your own Go-based web application. No prior experience with the language is necessary.

  • Programming experience.
  • Solid understanding of basic web technologies (HTTP, HTML, etc).
  • Your own computer with a working Go installation. (See the Installation Instructions at for details.) This is essential! Please make sure you have Go installed and working before the workshop begins. If you have any issues with installation, either visit the Go IRC channel #go-nuts on or post to the golang-nuts mailing list. The Windows port of Go is not as well-supported as the Linux and Darwin (OS X) ports, so if you have access to either a Linux or OS X machine that will make it easier for you.
Click here for the slides! (coming soon)

Hands on with the Google APIs

Get your hands dirty as we dig into the Google Buzz and URL Shortener APIs to build a simple
application in this hands-on tutorial. We’ll walk through documentation, the Google APIs Explorer, the
Google APIs Console, the Google APIs Client for Python, the how’s and why’s of authentication, and 
stitch all that know-how into an application that uses two Google APIs. The course will focus on Python, 
but we will have experts on hand for client libraries in many other languages.


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May 9, 2011, 8:17 PM
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